Competitive Conquesting Playbook

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Have you struggled to acquire new customers?

Then this proven growth marketing playbook is for you.

I've successfully used this playbook over and over again in my 10+ year career as a growth marketer for high-growth startups like Loom and Mailgun.

I've distilled it down to a simple process that anyone can follow, with clear step-by-step instructions on how to replicate and examples you can reference.

How it works

Even in the best of times every company struggles to grow.

This is especially true for small companies and startups: most markets are crowded with large and well-funded legacy companies that have way more resources than you do.

How can you compete with that?

You use their size against them.

About this playbook

This playbook is all about leveraging your competitor’s strengths against them.

By tapping into existing demand for their products, like people searching Google for their alternatives, competitors, and reviews, you’re able to find prospective customers that are ready to buy.

We’ll do this in two ways:

  • Long term: Build compelling landing pages that can rank well in Google’s organic search results
  • Short term: Spin up Google Ads campaigns to get traffic today.

A 4-Step Playbook For Growth

  1. Identify your competitors (and build a priority list)
  2. Find & research keywords (way easier than it sounds)
  3. Build high-converting landing pages (while following SEO best practices)
  4. Launch Google Ads (to get immediate results)

What you get

  • A proven growth marketing playbook
  • 11+ Example Landing Page Swipe File
  • Full Google Ads 101 Tutorial
  • Comprehensive SEO Checklist
  • Free Keyword Builder Spreadsheet

Who is this for?

  • Indie Hackers
  • Startup Founders
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Engineers who suck at marketing

Who isn't this for?

  • Anyone who doesn't want to grow their business

Who Am I?

👋 Hey, I’m Nick.

I spent the past 10 years of my career helping startups from Seed to Series C grow and acquire more users through paid ads, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Here’s a small sample:

I’ve worked in-house at billion dollar companies like Loom and Mailgun using the exact strategy I’m showing you here.

I quit my job earlier this year to go all-in on myself to try and build a business that could support my family.

And this product is one of many that I plan to launch to help companies, indie hackers, and anyone that has competitors, grow faster.


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Last updated Oct 1, 2023

A battle-tested growth marketing playbook to capture demand for your competitor's products.

4-Step Process
11+ Example Landing Pages
Google Ads 101 Tutorial
SEO Checklist
Free Keyword Builder
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Competitive Conquesting Playbook

2 ratings
I want this!