My Plant Planner - Notion Template

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A way to keep all your plant children organized.

Update: New design!

Keeping up with all of your plants has never been easier. I have about 30 houseplants and almost as many in my garden. It can be a hassle to remember everyone's watering schedules and who needs special care and when. Now you can keep detailed logs of when a plant needs water, their light requirements, misting schedule, and so much more.


🪴Organize all of your plants- indoor and outdoor

☀️ Keep track of water, light, fertilizer, and more for each plant

🗒️ Make notes about propagation or interesting discoveries

🖼️ Upload pictures of your own plants

✨ Plant wishlist to remember cool plants you've found and want

🏡 Pinterest-style garden inspiration board where you can upload photos from your computer, phone, and web

📹 Helpful gardening videos to get you started

This is a free download for everyone to enjoy.

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The Notion Plant Planner Template

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My Plant Planner - Notion Template

14 ratings
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