Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

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Take your coursework to the next level with a custom-built Notion template for students.

Organize your assignments, classes, and notes with a thoughtfully-designed Notion Template made just for students. This Notion Template will help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks and see your upcoming assignments at a glance.

What's included:


Categorize all of your classes and keep notes all in one place. View current or past semesters and sort your classmate's info by class for projects or study groups.

  • Classes
  • Semesters
  • Classmates


Notes can be organized by class for easy retrieval during exams. Log assignments and set their due date- includes a "Time Left" property that will automatically tell you how long you have until the deadline so nothing should sneak up on you. Keep track of personal tasks with the included To-Do List.

  • Notes
  • Assignments
  • To-Do List


Add important event dates for various clubs you're a part of or activities you'd like to attend. You can choose to correlate the two, or not. Keep track of job applications, when you've applied, and whether you've heard back from potential employers or internships.

  • Clubs + Activities
  • Job Applications

And much more!

Comes with a PDF guide to explain every detail in the template and how to use it.

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This is a digital product and not eligible for a refund.

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Here's what you'll receive:

The Notion Student Template
PDF walkthrough
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Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

70 ratings
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