Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Nick Lafferty
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Take your coursework to the next level with a custom built Notion template for students.

🎉 Start your semester off right
This template is an all-in-one workspace with everything you need to stay organized and on top of your school work. It's built with a modern and pleasing design so keeping track of your tasks is both fun and easy.

🕹️Semester Tracker

 Start by adding your current semester and your classes in a centralized database.

🎒Class Tracker 

Add details such as class location, professor, location, schedule, and more. Everything is connected with other databases in the template.

🏫 Assignments Tracker 

Use the Assignments tracker to stay on top of homework, group projects, and upcoming exams. Add a Calendar view to visualize your upcoming semester.

📓 Notes Tracker 

Store all your lecture and study notes in the Notes tracker – link them to your relevant classes easily.

📔 Task Tracker 

Tasks and planner to track your priorities so nothing slips behind.

🗓 Calendar Views 

Monthly calendar views to see your upcoming classes and work at a glance.

📇 Student Database 

Student database to organize everyone you meet: classmates, friends, professors, TAs, and more

🏸 Clubs & Activities Tracker

For student clubs, sports, volunteer work, and more

💼 Internships and job application tracker to help set you up for success after graduation.

And much more!

Each template comes with a PDF guide to explain every detail in the template and how to use it.

  • Here's what you'll receive:

  • The Notion Student Template
  • PDF walkthrough
  • Here's what you'll receive:
  • The Notion Student Template
  • PDF walkthrough
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Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

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